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Grilled Cauliflower Steak with an Avocado Butterbean Salad

Ingredients (Serves 2) 


  1. Combine all of the ingredients for the dressing into a food processor until smooth. 

  2. To a large bowl add the butterbeans, 1 tbsp of the dressing, avocado, tomatoes and a pinch of salt. Mix well. 

  3. Steam 1cm thick cauliflower steaks for 10 minutes or until slightly soft. Heat a large grill pan and add a little olive oil. Season both sides of the steak. When the oil is hot add steaks and grill on both sides for approximately 3 minutes. 

  4. Serve the steak with a dollop of sauce and a portion of the bean salad. Enjoy! 

Coriander, Jalapeno
+ Lime Dressing

  • 4-6 jalapeno peppers

  • Handful of fresh basil 

  • 2 spring onions 

  • 2 handfuls of fresh coriander 

  • Juice of 1 lime 

  • 1 tbsp olive oil 

  • Salt and pepper

Steak and salad

  • 1 tin butterbeans (230g drained)

  • 8 chopped baby tomatoes 

  • 1 diced avocado 

  • 1cm thick cauliflower slices (x2)

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